Artivist. Educator. Decolonizer.

A global force both on the floor & off for over a decade now, Soul (he/him) has been a driving agent for the Black Arts in the US, not only as a practitioner of Black Culture but also as a preservationist. Well versed in multiple dance forms from Popping, House, Top Rock, Hip Hop & more, Soul has become a Vet through the impact he has had on  the game through the many contests & battles he has entered and won. Additionally, Soul has been an Anti-Racist educator/decolonization specialist within Sociology for 2 years, on top of being an Racial Justice Advocate/Activist for over 4 years since Ferguson. Now Soul is blending the two worlds of Arts & Anti-Racism in community as one of the few Artists who is deep within the work of Anti-Racism/Decolonization & Black Arts in Dance.