Jay Love

Starting her decolonization journey in 2019, Jay Love (she/her) puts the "love" in tough love, drawing her dedication and flair for anti-racism work from being young, Black, educated, and fed up. A dancer, artist, public health advocate, writer, and proud Black Afro-Latine Queer GNC Woman, Jay focuses on seeing through the fuckery of white supremacy to the humanity underneath. Addressing issues of LGBTQ+ accompliceship, anti-racism, public health, and more with her signature "aggy elegance", Jay continues to grow and learn as an educator, leader, and human, sharing her journey along the way.



Jojo (she/her) began her dancing journey later than most at the age of 22 and was quickly immersed into ballroom dancing and house clubs in Washington, DC. About a decade later she founded an organization called Diggs Deeper, a therapeutic dance event that centered culture and healing. 6 years and 350 events later in Nov of 2019, she wanted to shift the focus from the individual to the community, and thus she founded Freedom Movement. In the past 13 months she has been working diligently to dismantle her socialization, inherent bias and racism and advocating that others do this imperative inner work and healing as well. Jojo is not the leader of the organization and proudly stands black lives, constantly working to honor her position as a guest in black culture. Her current work focus is in internal healing for authentic expression in movement.



Artivist. Educator. Decolonizer.

A global force both on the floor & off for over a decade now, Soul (he/him) has been a driving agent for the Black Arts in the US, not only as a practitioner of Black Culture but also as a preservationist. Well versed in multiple dance forms from Popping, House, Top Rock, Hip Hop & more, Soul has become a Vet through the impact he has had on  the game through the many contests & battles he has entered and won. Additionally, Soul has been an Anti-Racist educator/decolonization specialist within Sociology for 2 years, on top of being an Racial Justice Advocate/Activist for over 4 years since Ferguson. Now Soul is blending the two worlds of Arts & Anti-Racism in community as one of the few Artists who is deep within the work of Anti-Racism/Decolonization & Black Arts in Dance.



Freedom Movement, Gorgeous House of Gucci ENDZ, JB.

X-Savior (he/they) was introduced to Anti Racism/Decolonization work in the Fall of 2020. Ever since, they have walked further into a never-ending journey to Radical Self Care. A Black LGTBQ advocate and Heartivist within the Dance Community with Authentic Collaboration in mind, his art is rooted in exploring the complexities of what make us Human, starting with the ways we as men view power, as well as the will to challenge White Patriarchal and Misogynistic concepts to heal and empty superficial systems so we can thrive in authentic community.



Maygen Nicholson (she/they) is a changemaker and truthteller who facilitates LGBTQIA+ inclusion and validation education. Through wellness and intersectional lenses, Maygen uses educating to help liberate hearts and minds free of white supremacist delusion that holds them back from being their most true and authentic selves. The through line of Maygen's work is Queer and Trans* liberation, allowing LGBTQIA+ folks to live into their true selves while holding them and allies accountable to being an active part of liberating the collective.